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At first, Recycled Novelty was lots and lots of street style posts. And I knew I had to do something more if I wanted to stick out in any way. There are a bazillion street style bloggers out there with better wardrobes, better cameras, and better backgrounds (hiiii, New Yorkers). I had to do something meaningful and inclusive if I wanted people to seek my website out of the clutter.

I had just read Sophia Amoruso’s #GIRLBOSS, and was still reeling from its plain-worded profundity, and I was full of entrepreneurial energy, ready to take on the world with my own creation. I had also recently watched an ABC News interview with Taylor Swift, in which the pop princess said, “We live in a takedown culture. People will find anything about you, and twist it to where it’s weird, or wrong, or annoying, or strange, or bad.”

And it hit me. Hard.

As someone who was bullied by “mean girls” throughout middle school and high school, the quote was extremely evocative. It was my life experience as female. I’ve been a victim of takedown culture, and, at low times, I’ve shamefully perpetuated it. Typically stemming from jealousy, takedown culture is judging, criticizing, shaming, mocking, and hating on our fellow woman. It’s giving another girl a dirty look at the club. It’s saying your love interest’s girlfriend “isn’t that pretty.” It’s saying a female celebrity looks “gross” in her swimsuit. It’s not wanting another woman to do better than you in the workplace.

It’s being a bitch just to be a bitch.

It’s an epidemic, and frankly, it’s the only thing keeping women from running the world. We’re exceedingly intelligent, competent, capable beings, but we struggle to unite, because we’re too busy trying to take each other down at every turn with dirty looks, malicious words, and vindictive actions. So, after years of being a participant in this rabid culture of girl-hating, I broke free.

Enter #ImAGirlBoss – a nomination-based series born to inspire, motivate, support, and celebrate; a series that gives amazing women a platform and a megaphone to tell their stories and share their successes. With the #ImAGirlBoss series, I simultaneously launched the lift-up cultural movement – a movement for which my ambitions are lofty and my aspirations endless. Instead of “taking down,” as Taylor Swift put it, I want to inspire women to CELEBRATE each other. Because we’re all doing some seriously badass stuff, and should be damn proud.

Through the generosity of the friends and connections I made living in New York and Los Angeles, I was fortunate enough to launch the series with a bang. I have to give a shout out to the first ladies of the series, without whom this little idea of mine may not have lifted off the ground. So, thank you to Asha DahyaKatie CorradoChelsea Briggs,Stuart Brazell, and Zoya Biglary. I’ve been consistently inspired beyond words by each and every one of the extraordinary women featured in the #ImAGirlBoss series, and am lucky to know them.

I can’t wait to share the awesomeness of these ladies with you, and if you know a Girl Boss, recommend her!

THE GIRL BOSS MASTER LIST: (ordered by appearance) 


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