#ImAGirlBoss: DJ Coco Robert


Name: DJ Coco Robert
 New York
Industry: Music
Twitter: @cocothedj
Instagram: @cocothedj
Website: cocorobert.com

Tell us what you do!

As much as possible. I DJ for companies and brands like the NYC Ballet, SCOOP and Equinox. I collaborate on projects involving clothing lines, products, and more recently, apps. I’m curating a series of summer events for Rise City Swimwear. I produce online content for VH1/MTV and write on their music blog… though I’m feeling a little disloyal right now, considering I also have a Lifetime television series being shot in my apartment.


Did you go to college? If so, where?

I first thought I should have a true “college experience.” Luckily, my mother reminded me how easily I could get bored in New York, and how much that would be magnified in a college town, so NYU ended up being my one and only application. I actually transferred into University of Southern California after freshman year, but never booked my flight once I figured out that, at NYU, I could pull off graduating in three years.

How did you get to where you are now? Tell us your story!

I’ve always wanted to work, even growing up — before I had any reason to. If my sister and I didn’t have lemonade to sell, I’d pop popcorn. In high school, I would offer to intern for anyone in a cool industry who said I was too young to work for them. Often I just made up things I could do for people. I met a partner in a well known denim company, and hosted a casting call for their campaign. A string of supermodels came out of the dressing room in the label’s jeans, and it was just 16-year-old me behind the desk, asking them to turn for polaroids.

Three personal traits/qualities that helped you get to where you are:

Independent, driven, passionate.

Define “girlboss” in your own words.

A woman who continuously sets and exceeds daring goals, utilizes doubt as motivation, remains unconcerned about stereotypes, norms, or expectations, and capitalizes on the knowledge that success is dependent on herself.

Describe your style/fashion sense:

My closet has lots of leather and lots of black t-shirts. I like to stick to basics and then add one or two striking pieces. I’ll wear high-waisted printed pants with a plain tank, or all black with a stand out blazer.


Favorite brand right now?

The Row

Go-to clothing item/accessory right now?

My slouchy black Alexander Wang bag. It’s simple enough to bring to the gym in the morning and classic enough to transition into the night.

What’s your can’t-live-without beauty product?

A good lip balm.

Go-to nail color?

Black or nude.

What makes you feel badass?

The look on tourists’ faces when I jaywalk on my way to MTV Networks in Times Square.

No girlboss is perfect. What’s your vice?

Chocolate chip cookies, joy rides, online shopping, and a good bubble bath.


What song makes you feel like a girlboss?

“Diva” by Beyonce

What’s a quote that inspires/motivates you?

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Best advice you’ve ever received? And who gave it to you?

“You can do that.” – My mom, on everything.

Advice to future girl bosses:

The only difference between impossible and possible is that the former is even more rewarding to accomplish.



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