Style Me Sporty: MLB à la Mode

Confession: I’m not a sports person.
In high school, I was a dancer and a theatre geek. I watch the SuperBowl for the halftime show, and have always dated the anti-jock (i.e. actors, musicians, models).  And yet, somehow my style has always had a tomboy flare. My favorite looks are a dress with sneakers or something sassy with a snapback — riddle me that. Regardless, I’ma pay homage to my sporty sisters with this carefully-crafted “baseball luxe” look with one of the baseball hats from Fanatics.
1) The Classic Yankees Hat: I came of age in New York City, and graduated at Yankee stadium (NYU ’12!), so it’s only appropriate that I would be a Yankees girl. I always go with a flat-brim because I’m a bad bitch it looks phresh. My go-to sports brand is baseball hats, because they have EVERYTHING.

Recycled-Novelty-NBD-Naven-Twins-Dream-Team-Top-by-Whitney-Leigh-Young2) NBD NBD x Naven Twins Dream Team TopI always offset the sporty-ness of any outfit with at least one super girly piece. And nothing says girly like sequins.

Recycled-Novelty-Style-Dimepiece-LA-All-Star-Jogger-Sweatpant-by-Whitney-Leigh-Young3) Dimepiece All Star Jogger SweatpantIf Rihanna can wear sweats to the club, SO CAN I.

recycled-novelty-style-whits-picks-adidas-orginials-pro-model-womens-sneakers-by-whitney-leigh-young4) Adidas Originals Pro Model Women’s SneakersSneakers + Snapbacks = Deadly Combination, because you’ll be killin’ it.

Recycled-Novelty-Urban-Outfitters-Delicate-Arrow-Armband-by-Whitney-Leigh-Young5) Urban Outfitters Delicate Arrow Armband

Recycled-Novelty-Natalie-B-Jewelry-Aurora-Gold-Choker-by-Whitney-Leigh-Young6) Natalie B Jewelry Aurora Choker Necklace



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