Haute Holiday: Gifts For Girls

If you’re looking for a little gift guidance as you shop for the special ladies in your life, behold my curated amassment of super cool goods.


DAILE Moisturizer: You know how your mom uses all those anti-aging creams to remedy the wrinkles that have already formed? Well, this DNA lock serum prevents aging before it begins, by locking in that youthful glow we young gals have. (It’s kind of like saying, “Sit. Stay.” to your dog — except to your face.) DAILE also acts as a daily moisturizer (“Use DAILE”). I apply it right out of the shower, pre-makeup — and it leaves my face looking dewey, fresh, and healthy all day long. Snag yo bottle and be #Forever21ButJustTurned30!
(P.S. Read more about DAILE Founder Cyndi Ramirez here!)


Frends Taylor Headphones: I see Frends Headphones. They’re everywhere. No really — THEY’RE EVERYWHERE. They’re also the hottest thing… ever? And, mercifully, range in price. Because not everyone can splurge on $200 headphones right now, OKAY?! (Me.) 
Layla | Taylor

Recycled-Novelty-Haute-Holiday-Gifts-For-Girls-by-Whitney-Leigh-Young-ZERO-GRAVITY-Compact-iPhone-5-Case ZERO GRAVITY Compact iPhone 5 CaseYes, this is a real thing. And I thought this would be a very appropriate item to feature, since my audience is comprised of so many #girlbosses. The fact is — working women don’t always have time to run home and freshen up their makeup before an event or an evening out on the town. They’re doing their makeup in the cab.


Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer: Make yo nails shine bright like a diamond.
1. Happy Birthday
2. Wicked Game
3. Glitter and Be Gay
4. Moon Rendezvous
5. Whatever Lola Wants

IMG_5069-800x600That Madonna Girl Cat Ears: Because if Ariana Grande can wear cat ears year round, so can we.
Meow Crown | Lace Cat Ears
(P.S. Read more about TMG Founder Michelle Madonna here!)

GORJ-WL422_V1gorjana #Selfie Necklace Set: I’ve seen A LOT of social media jewelry over the past few years, and — while I’m all for those loud Twitter handle necklaces — I love this understated little guy.

KWAL-WG27_V1 Karen Walker Orbit Filigree Sunglasses: Get my guitar. Sunglasses on.

lipLime Crime Opaque Lipstick: For the ballsy beauty.


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