GIRL BOSS: A New Series


True Life: Sophia Amoruso’s book changed my life.

It had a motivating effect that was at once jarring and exhilarating. It breathed new life into my scattered, deflated dreams, and lent an unparalleled sense of empowerment. It inspired me to spend less time  brainstorming the endless possibilities, and more time going after the things I want.

Plainly, it made me get off my ass, and GET SHIT DONE.

In her recent interview with Rolling Stone, Ultimate Girl Boss Taylor Swift said, “We live in a takedown culture.” And truer words have never been spoken. We — women in particular– are infatuated with judging, criticizing, shaming, mocking, and hating on other women. I’m guilty. You’re guilty. We’re all guilty.

So, in addition to this Girl Boss series serving as inspiration, I want it to serve as a movement of lifting up instead of “taking down,” as Taylor Swift put it. Let’s CELEBRATE each other. Because we’re all doing some seriously badass stuff, and we should be proud of each other.

Through living in New York and Los Angeles — and working in TV, radio, editorial, nightlife, social media, and music — I have been fortunate enough to meet LOTS of Girl Bosses. TV hosts, musicians, writers, fashion bloggers, DJs, PR chicks, social media mavens — you name it. Like in The Sixth Sense — I see Girl Bosses. They’re everywhere.

I can’t wait to share the awesomeness of these ladies with you, and if you know a Girl Boss, recommend her in the comments!


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