STYLE: Menswear Must-Haves

Menswear is everywhere.
The most prevalent term I’m seeing this fall in front of women’s clothing items is “boyfriend.” Jeans, blazers, shoes, sweaters, jackets — you name it. And talk about recycled novelty! We’re not just bringing back chokers and jelly shoes anymore — we’re playing with gender roles! ‘Tis quite the social commentary.

1) Light Wash JeansHate it or love it, the underdog’s on top — and I’m gonna wear light wash denim until the trend drops. Typically reserved for dudes, this trend is once again en vogue for the ladies.

[PICTURED: Genetic Los Angeles Shya Skinny Jeans]

2) Sweatpants: I would argue that grown women sport sweatpants in public less frequently than men do. But the womenswear deal was pretty much sealed after Rihanna was snapped wearing sweats to da club. And we’re not talking about the Victoria’s Secret PINK sweatpants you wore with Uggs to high school in 2006. And not the gross sweatpants you work out in either. We’re talking about super legit slacks that just so happen to be made of polyester and cotton.
Recycled-Novelty-Whitney-Young-Fall-2014-Fashion-Must-Haves-2[PICTURED: Forever 21 Sporty Chic Heathered Sweatpants]

3) White Converse: Technically, when are converse NOT in? These classic kicks are just one of those timeless staple items. That being said, white converse are super popular this season — especially when paired with black skinny jeans!


4) Vintage Varsity Jacket: Key word — VINTAGE. I’m not talking about just any old varsity imitation you can pick up at your local American Eagle (gross). I’m talking about a REAL, old-school varsity jacket, like the one I’m wearing in the picture below. If your mom and dad don’t have one laying around from the 80s, I recommend perusing Etsy.
5) Timberlands: SURPRISE! When you heard booties were in this fall, I bet you weren’t thinking of Timberlands. They’ve slowly, but surely, been on the rise since Cara Delevinge was spotted in them last winter. I rocked ’em in fifth grade — I think I can do it again.
cara-delevingne-new-york-city-pic150271[HINT: If you can’t afford the real deal, check out DSW’s Rock & Candy imitation]

6) Men’s Trousers: Urban Outfitters is killing the trousers scene. This picture says it all. Personally, I’d pair trousers with a band tee or a button-down white blouse.
31128523_001_b[PICTURED: Urban Outfitters BDG Chambray Paper Bag Trouser Pants]

7) Suit & Tie Blouse: As long as I got my suit & tie… I had to. The look below appeared in the Ann Taylor Fall 2014 lookbook, and I was in love instantly. It’s that conservative, sophisticated look that says, “I’M THE BOSS.”

Recycled-Novelty-Whitney-Young-Fall-2014-Fashion-Must-Haves-3[PICTURED: Ann Taylor Pintuck Perfect Shirt: $79.50]

8) Boyfriend JeansThis is just a given. Dress ’em up with heels, dress ’em down with sneaks. Next, we’ll be seeing “Dad jeans” on the runway. Joking. I hope.
9) Boyfriend Blazer: Perfect for work, and, depending on the color, a night out on the town. I’ve come to sport a blazer in almost every social situation. I ❤ blazers.
What’s YOUR menswear must-have? Did I miss something?

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