STYLE: Print Passion

Don’t let fall dull your summer shine — keep the bright colors coming! I bought these tribal print pants a little over a year ago at Forever 21, and didn’t start wearing them until this summer. I thought they were too much. BUT, with a black top + blazer, they’re just the right amount of color and craziness.


– ShopBop Print Pants
– Forever 21 Lace Cami
– H&M Fitted Blazer
– Sicky’s World Sunglasses
– Crown Vintage Gladiator Sandals
– Wet n Wild Megalast LipstickClick on my Hyperpink  

Recycled-Novelty-Whitney-Young-1 Recycled-Novelty-Whitney-Young-5Recycled-Novelty-Whitney-Young-3 Recycled-Novelty-Whitney-Young-7

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