STYLE: Varsity Blues


Varsity apparel is BACK! I may be waaaay out of high school — and, actually, I never wore a varsity jacket IN high school — but I fully plan to rock my mom’s vintage varsity cheerleading jacket this fall. And this trend makes its glorious return just in time for homecoming! But let’s be honest — I don’t go to football games. I’ll be wearing this bad boy IN DA CLUB.


Reason Varsity Jacket via ASOS
– Urban Outfitters BDG Boyfriend Jeans
– H&M Basic White Tee
– Converse Sneaker
– Forever 21 Jet-Set Aviator Sunglasses
– LSTN Necklace
– Airplane Ring  

Recycled-Novelty-Varsity-Blues-Whitney-Young-2Recycled-Novelty-Varsity-Blues-Whitney-Young-1 Recycled-Novelty-Varsity-Blues-Whitney-Young-3Recycled-Novelty-Varsity-Blues-Whitney-Young-4Recycled-Novelty-Varsity-Blues-Whitney-Young-14 Recycled-Novelty-Varsity-Blues-Whitney-Young-13 Recycled-Novelty-Varsity-Blues-Whitney-Young-11 Recycled-Novelty-Varsity-Blues-Whitney-Young-10 Recycled-Novelty-Varsity-Blues-Whitney-Young-7 Recycled-Novelty-Varsity-Blues-Whitney-Young-6 Recycled-Novelty-Varsity-Blues-Whitney-Young-5

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