STYLE: 9 Nasty Gal Items I’d Give Up Coffee For

This week, I’m reading Sophia Amoruso‘s much-talked about  #GIRLBOSS. If you haven’t heard of Amoruso, you’ve probably heard of her empire — Nasty GalI’m only about 50 pages into the book, and already, this badass boss lady has become an inspiration and idol. She’s admirable, but also relatable — admitting her flaws, weaknesses, and mistakes along the way.

So, as a tribute, I’ve decided to post the nine Nasty Gal items I’d give up coffee for. (And that’s saying something.) 
Nasty-Gal-Items-I'd-Give-Up-Coffee-For-1Petals & Peacocks Selfie Tank: $48 

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 3.46.28 PMKeepsake Stubborn Love Dress: $145

Whitney-Young-Nasty-Gal-Items-I'd-Give-Up-Coffee-For-3Cross My Heart Jumpsuit: $78

Whitney-Young-Nasty-Gal-Items-I'd-Give-Up-Coffee-For-4Playing Favorites Tee: $38

Whitney-Young-Nasty-Gal-Items-I'd-Give-Up-Coffee-For-5Deep Down Dress: $68 

Whitney-Young-Nasty-Gal-Items-I'd-Give-Up-Coffee-For-6In A Flash Dress: $118

Whitney-Young-Nasty-Gal-Items-I'd-Give-Up-Coffee-For-7After Party Vintage Sianna Dress: $68

Whitney-Young-Nasty-Gal-Items-I'd-Give-Up-Coffee-For-8Frilly Vanilli Dress: $68

Whitney-Young-Nasty-Gal-Items-I'd-Give-Up-Coffee-For-9Vintage Versace Grease Lightning Jacket: $1,498

Which one is your favorite?

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