BLONDE HAIR: Love Affair

I’m seriously contemplating moving back to LA just so Johnny Ramirez can do my hair. I came across his instagram a week ago, and CAN’T GET ENOUGH of his blonde ombre creations.  I’ve been in such a hair funk lately, and these photos have granted me some much needed inspiration! I’m not the only gal hypnotized by Johnny’s vision. He’s styled Victoria Beckham, Nicole Kidman, Britney Spears, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Kristen Stewart — just to name a few. Check out some of my favorite blonde ombre looks below!  [All photos taken from Johnny’s official instagram.]

10514078_1570551656505485_1439408907_n10522321_742528245812385_1272642526_n10576174_641571472629483_620921727_n 4b4f5c6eb37f11e3bce812f5a4d786f6_8 923623_468125599999456_2128704906_n 10369258_512531978852389_1691741660_n 10467704_272807276245351_838426180_n 10448940_702103226535304_690964557_n 10570135_1550813275146458_1605753408_n 785604d2b35d11e3aa6712e1292e3dd2_8 915433_240974002762315_920575432_n 925352_476004312536468_1519384407_n 10268779_686351771429039_61966144_n 10475039_354234501397017_1529741962_n 916480_1407824086161630_872935964_n 928495_678840142172413_976526726_n 10554124_355668511248947_1713284757_n 32ebc5b6a93611e3a30f0ece84f12fdd_8 10513703_267582060112962_159336372_n 10369291_1423601097913125_417937537_n

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