Fall Fashion 2014: Boss Ladies + Big Sweaters

Trying not to wish summer away, but
these fall fashion trends got me EXCIIIIITED! I can’t get over how badass men’s trousers look with a pair of classic black heels or booties. Also, seeing lots of over-sized sweaters/jackets, and less patterns, which is a refreshing change. As much as I love my tribal prints, I could go for a little monochrome. Get ready to channel your inner BOSS LADY with these super sharp, professional street-to-office-to-night looks.


de2e1b13c811136a7eb0141e136e7370dab471dd1f11bf85aa3e3065f53bc353 6f2c429f1a2f296023aa379d3e2f739f 66bd6e7d2dc788f3d506af4269749601 96b6bef9b5c3f6a9a78f3a870e14f3c4 690bb65ebe0d24d103ce37c00718740f 7be6deb43fd95d6bf75c736759f52c85 33af389c04f9748ed229bdf089f31a87



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