The Signs and Symptoms of a Quarter-Life Crisis

you-know-what-sucks-everything[Photo via]

Quarter-life crisis — we’re all kind of having one. In college, your professors, parents, mentors, and advisors tell you you’re going to TAKE OVER THE WORLD when you graduate, because YOU ARE EXTRAORDINARY. They put on a KILLER show at the actual graduation ceremony, and it’s all verrrrrrry convincing.

tumblr_mavb3mjhMO1qec4gro1_500[Photo via]

Then, you find yourself a year or two out of college, and you’re one of three things: 1) unemployed, 2) between jobs, or 3) grievously employed. Enter quarter-life crisis, frustration, and extremely low sense of self worth.

You might be having a quarter-life crisis if…

SIGN #1: You’ve been out of college for a while, and have yet to attain the success/self-fulfilment/glory that was promised to you as an undergrad.You-Could've-Been-Somebody[Photo via]

SIGN #2: You’re working a soulless job that is entirely unfulfilling, and makes you feel dead inside… and out.

satisfied_worker[Photo via]

SIGN #3: You’re living at home with your parents, and you’re really, really NOT DOWN with suburbia. BUT WHAT IF YOU’RE STUCK IN THIS SMALL TOWN FOREVER?!?!?
tumblr_lvcix2CbAx1qa27vxo1_500[Photo via]

SIGN #4: You’re unemployed, and the agony of the job search has made you feel so low, you feel nothing at all.
Eat Pray Love[Photo via]

SIGN #5: You’re contemplating career choices you never would have before out of shear desperation stemming from financial distress.
tumblr_inline_n34braxva11qh7uyc[Photo via]

SIGN #6: Nobody said it was easy, but like…
SIGN #7: You want to crawl back into your mother’s womb. Because it was warm and nice.
Kangaroo-Baby[Photo via]

SIGN #6: You think joining the circus isn’t such a bad idea after all. Britney made it look pretty glam. #gypsylife
Britney-Spears-Circus-gif[Photo via]

SIGN #7: You wonder if grad school is the answer, but then you’re just like…
James-Franco-sleeping-in-class[Photo via]

SIGN #8: You watch more Netflix than you ever thought humanly possibly, and form sincere bonds with the characters.
watch-tv-all-day[Photo via]

SIGN #9: You wonder why you can’t just be like the Kardashians, and experience a meteoric rise to fame just for being YOU.
tumblr_masopksvNI1r3gi71o1_500[Photo via]

SIGN #10: But, at the end of the day, you remind yourself that you’re still a spry little whippersnapper, and YOUR DAY IS COMING!!!
Johnny-Drama-Entourage-Victory-gif[Photo via]


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