Rich Kids: Who’s Making Bank In Young Hollywood

Ever wonder how much your fav Young Hollywood stars are worth?  I do! And you may be surprised as to who’s making the most bank.

lucy_hale_render_hq_2_by_dontcallmeeve-d5x1m8l[Lucy Hale – $1 million]
As the star of Pretty Little Liars, I thought Ms. Hale would be somewhere in the $5 million range, but maybe “A” got access to her bank account.

Cara-Delevingne-6[Cara Delevingne – $1 million]
Though fashion’s reigning runway princess has only been on the scene for little over a year, her omnipresence and big-name contracts led me to believe she’d be more than just barely a millionaire. But with a Kate-Moss-like-career trajectory, this wild child will no doubt be worth $100 million before you can say “Burberry.”

13z34pd[Liam Hemsworth – $1.5 million]
Another shock! As part of the Hunger Games crew, I totally thought the almost-Mr. Cyrus would be higher on the list. Looks like Miley was definitely the breadwinner in their relationship. (See her jaw-dropping net worth below!)

rs_600x600-131119155331-600.Kendall-Jenner-Boobs-Insta-jmd-111913_copy[Kendall Jenner – $2 million]
Kendall may have her sisters to thank for her fame, but she certainly has had no problem making money on her own via a pretty legit up-and-coming modeling career. 

ashley-benson-cosmo-gallery-2.jpg?w=600[Ashley Benson – $3 million]
I was surprised to see Ashley beat out PLL’s co-star Lucy Hale on this list, but then again AshBenzo has Spring Breakers under her belt. (Cue the Skrillex song.) 

austin-mahone_2013-650-430c[Austin Mahone – $5 million]
MAHOMIE! It just warms my heart to see this little nugget of cuteness doing so well so fast. 

nina-dobrev-2013-photoshoot[Nina Dobrev – $6 million]
Elena — er, Nina — is killin’ it. (Literally. Because she’s a vampire.)
(Fun Fact: Ian Somerhalder is only worth $4 mil.)

Blake-Lively-In-An-Incendiary-Photo-Shoot-7[Blake Lively – $8 million]
What’s Blake been doing since Gossip Girl ended, though?

Selena Gomez by Terry Richardson 2013[Selena Gomez – $10 million]
Disney certainly doesn’t stiff its stars.

Vanessa+Hudgens+hotnessa3[Vanessa Hudgens – $10 million]
But really, though.

Elle-UK-Photoshoot-dakota-fanning-27997166-1485-2039[Dakota Fanning – $16 million]
Another shocker. Dakota’s been around for[seemingly]EVER. And she was in the Twilight movies! I thought she’d at least beat out Zac Efron.

bp3nnktp8mmp3pnm[Zac Efron – $18 million]
But then again, it’s Zac Efron.

large[Harry Styles – $20 million]
Guess all that One Direction Infection is real, huh?

06[Jennifer Lawrence – $25 million]
Ms. Lawrence has quickly risen to Hollywood royalty in the matter of, like, a year. Not only is she bringing home some SERIOUS ca$h, but she’s beloved by all. #JLAW4LYFE 

avicii_x_you_395x395_2[Avicii – $30 million]
DJing ain’t spinning records at high school proms anymore. Avicii cashes in at $30 million. This guy is soaring to all new LEVELS with his skillz. (And, WOW, he’s hot.)

drake-cover-650[Drake – $35 million]
No wonder he can afford Versace.

elle-05-april-cover-nicki-minaj-0413-xln-xln[Nicki Minaj – $45 million]
I think it’s safe to say Nicki will have “this moment 4 life.”

robert-pattinson-dior-homme-parfum[Robert Pattinson – $60 million]
R-Patz is brooding all the way to the bank. #Twilight

HQ-outtakes-of-Kristen-for-V-magazine-Spring-Preview-2013-kristen-stewart-33202416-1277-1280[Kristen Stewart – $70 million]

rihanna-2013-1024x749[Rihanna – $90 million]
No surprise here.

123-great-atmosphere-katy-perry-photoshoot-2012-jake-bailey-04-2.jpg?w=873[Katy Perry – $95 million]
Or here.

miley-cyrus-photoshoot-by-terry-richardson-2013-_1[Miley Cyrus – $150 million]
“Lookin’ like a model who just got a check.”
I guess Miley’s movement is paying off.

Taylor Swift - 2012 Nigel Barker shoot (1)[Taylor Swift – $150 million]
I’d just like to point out that the AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, BEAUTIFUL Taylor Swift comes out on top of “sexier” stars like Rihanna, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, etc. Just goes to show sex doesn’t always sell — at least not as much as good, old-fashioned class.

tumblr_mkn9b4nWOd1qhft5ko1_r1_500[Justin Bieber – $160 million]
There’s no denying the loyalty and $upport of the beliebers.

Lady-Gaga-2014-Wallpaper-2[Lady Gaga – $190 million]
The world is CLEARLY gaga for Gaga.


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